Digital Trust Enabled Solutions

Solving Common Business Challenges

With One37, businesses can do away with compromises.

Through the adoption of our platform, businesses can provide secure and frictionless access to services, eliminate repetitive customer input, and reduce the volume of collected and centrally retained customer data.

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Identity Platform for the Enterprise

Reassure your business with maximum security and minimum effort

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Validate and Authenticate Employees and Customers

  • Identity-based authentication with on-device biometrics
  • All consumers data remains in their digital wallet
  • Integrate with your existing IAM in no time
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Create and Publish Workflows in Minutes

  • Create custom ‘no-code’ workflows
  • Acquire and license workflows in Store
  • Build new business processes in minutes
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Prevent Fraud and Compliance Issues

  • Just-in-time, reusable KYC & on-device biometrics
  • No more social engineering
  • Reduce compliance with consent management
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Create New Revenue Streams

  • Passive revenue from usage of issued credentials
  • Refer customers to partners with no API integration
  • Connect to new customers who already have our wallet


We are building the new Internet